LED lights for the control panel of windows of the Chery Orinoco

In this article we describe how to install the led lights for the window panel of the Chery Orinoco A3. It's very easy to do.

panel ventanas puerta piloto chery orinoco

Hello everyone, as I had mentioned in previous articles, I bring you the installation of LED lights to the side control panel of the glasses on the driver's side. A thousand apologies for the delay, but as an old saying says "the good is made to wait" hahaha.

These vehicles with regard to internal lighting, are already wired and glass buttons, steering wheel and other elements of the console have the die-cut for backlighting, so they only need to place the LEDs to make it the light in your Cherys Orinoco.

No more chatter, here I show you how to do this work.

Tools needed: 

  •     A soldering iron or gun to solder with tin.
  •     A blade screwdriver
  •     A groove screwdriver
  •     A clamp or pick to cut the excess wires of the LEDs to be welded.


  •     10cm tin
  •     3 high brightness leds of 1.8mm of the color you like (I chose red color to match the rest of the board)


1.- Remove the panel of buttons

panel suiches ventana chery orinocoPry first on the back (left image) and then on the front (right image). If necessary, repeat several times in this way.

As you can see in the image, I use a paper under the screwdriver so that when I lever upwards I do not damage the decoration of the arm rest.

2.- Then remove the button panel. 

sacar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

Pull the panel up, but be careful not to pull the connecting cable to it.

Do not worry that fortunately this cable left you enough length to handle comfortably.

3.- Remove the button panel connector

sacar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

The connector has a small lock, press hard with the nail and pull back. It is a little hard and more if it has never been removed.

4.- Disassemble the decorative top cover of the button panel

panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

Turn around the panel and you will find three screws to fix it. Remove them with the use of the spline screwdriver.

Once this work is finished it will look like in the image shown above.

5.- Disarm the keypad. 

desarmar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

Turn the keypad and remove the seven (07) screws using the slot screwdriver.

Do it with care, do not throw them away. They are very important because they help to keep this piece hermetic.

6.- Loosen the lower cover of the pendant with two screwdrivers with a fine shovel or with a knife.

desarmar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

As shown in the image above, in addition to the screws, this cover also has (04) four safety locks that keep it closed, (02) two on each side.

Use two blade screwdrivers or as in my case, (it was more comfortable really) a kitchen knife to lift the pressure locks.

desarmar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

As seen in the previous image, the (04) four insurances are already separated.

IMPORTANT: Do not take it out completely for the moment. 

7.- Remove the lower cover of the keypad.
desarmar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco


Turn the buttons upside down, as indicated in the previous image and pull up the white cover of the keypad.

desarmar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

As I mentioned in the previous step, it is important to put it in this position because if you do not leave the buttons triggers.

These triggers are the little white things that are enclosed in the circles of the previous image. If they leave, it does not matter, but it is very annoying to put them back in their place. Keep this in mind for when you have to reassemble the assembly.

8.- Continue disarming ... In this case, the control of the buttons. 

desarmar panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

Remove the rubber that covers the circuitry. As you can see, it already has the receptacles where the 5mm LEDs go, only that they were not installed.

9.- Solder the LEDs to the printed circuit board. 

soldadura de leds panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

As seen in the previous image, with the help of a soldering iron, solder the high brightness LEDs in the positions I point out with the stria screwdriver.

Be sure to place them with the correct polarity otherwise they will not turn on. The positive side is the left side and the negative side the right side.

soldadura panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

Apply solder only to the underside of the printed circuit board, which is where the electrical contact actually makes it.

As seen in the following image, the positive side is the longest leg of the led.

Led para el panel suiches ventana chery orinoco

Obviously, when you finish welding, cut the remaining excess wire.

10.- Reset everything again.

I have nothing left but to tell you that the final result is rewarding, so I encouraged you to do this tune job at Chery Orinoco.

Aaaaaahhh, do not forget to comment or recommend to your friends !!!

Important clarification:

I remind you that this blog and the information contained in it is made by a woman, not only men know mechanics and here the tests, so in the comments do not tell me: corduroy, brother or male synonyms hahaha.

Ahhhh I forgot, if you want me to make a video of how to do it leave it in the comments below and I will gladly do it.

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Written by Dennis García

Date: 01/16/2016


Muy bueno

Me gusto lo sencillo que es. Muchas gracias.

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LED lights for the control panel of windows of the Chery Orinoco

LED lights for the control panel of windows of the Chery Orinoco

In this article we describe how to install the led lights for the window panel of the Chery Orinoco A3. It's very easy to do.

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    Excelente explicación chica ya lo voy aplicar Answer:
    Excelente Yoel! me cuentas que tal te fue.
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    Buenas noches amiga, en que otra parte del vehiculo se puede hacer este procedimiento? Answer:
    Que tal amigo Julio, Es posible hacerlo en el cenicero y los demas botones de vidrios. Luego publicaré un articulo de eso. Saludos.
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    que voltaje deben ser los led para el control de los vidrios? Answer:
    Que tal Capielo, los led vienen a voltaje estandard de aprox. 3V y 20mA, para eso es la resistencia limitadora de corriente que se coloca en ellos. En este caso el circuito de los vidrios ya la trae.
  • Asked by Arnaldo R
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    Hola Señorita Denny, nuevamente te felicito por tu foro y canal de youtube. De verdad muy buena iniciativa. En mi caso me sucedio que el aire acondicionado dejo de soplar, en realidad nunca supe cual fue la falla, solo por descarte revise los flusibles y comenzo a funcionar normalmente. Resulta que luego de resuelto el problema del aire acondicionado, se perdio el control de los vidrios traseros. Cosa por la cual desarme la puerta y subi directo los vidrios traseros. En la agencia no se pudo hacer nada, quisiera saber si has visto una falla similar. Answer:
    Caramba Arnaldo, no se ha presentado falla asi. Esos vidrios dependen de otra computadora, la tracera. Por como describes la falla, indica que debe ser que los cables no quedaron bien conectados y bueno al moverse generan falsos contactos.
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    Debes revisar abajo en donde estan los pedales hay un computadora, es donde escuchas los reles. Debe ser que uno de los fusibles se daño. A un lado de esa caja/computadora hay mas fusibles. Debes revisar que esten bien.

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